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Our 5-step process provides corporate clients with a custom mural service that handles it all. – from securing the artist, to executing the project, to making sure all sides love the experience. IPaintMyMind is uniquely situated to help. Not to mention your mural also ensures that a local community space receives One Year of FREE art programs! Get Art & Give Back with IPaintMyMind.


Through our bespoke art rental service, IPaintMyMind helps turn your space into an art gallery with an incredible story of giving back. Our one-of-a-kind art rental service not only transforms your companies’ office, it also ensures that a local community space receives One Year of FREE art programs! Get Art & Give Back with IPaintMyMind.


IPaintMyMind’s network of artists nationwide, broad installation & exhibition experience, expertise in shipping & transport, and 10+ years of curation expertise, our curators are standing by to field your request.

ART Consulting

Premier art consulting that customizes art services and experiences to engage your employees, clients, and customers. Whether murals, experiential art-making events, rotating art exhibitions, or large-scale commissions, IPaintMyMind turns your art project into community impact – every time.


IPMM x Gensler for LinkedIn: Custom Murals

With IPaintMyMind it’s 100% possible to bring local artists into your business to totally transform the way it feels and how your employees will engage, produce, and deliver. In the summer of 2022, we helped curate, manage, and execute murals by 3 artists, a process that revolutionized the feel of LinkedIn’s newly delivered office space.

IPaintMyMind x Discover Financial Services: Art Rentals

Rarely do companies make these types of intentional investments in community and creativity, which is why IPaintMyMind was so thrilled to work with Discover Financial Services or their community space in Chatham on Chicago’s south side. The directive was to feature art by local black artists and/or art that reflected the black experience and a more representative aesthetic.

IPMM x One Two Pru: Corporate Event Art Activations

By the time the 3hr event was over, the IPMM team had printed 100 shirts with as many participants, truly connecting through the act of making art, while also serving as the most popular portion of the One Two Pru event! By turning passive engagement into true participation, means people coming out of their shells and having fun as a team.